Helpful Tips

Pond Maintenance Tips

  • Know your pond: What surface size and how deep. Keep written records as to the time of applications, product used and results.
  • Identify the problem weed or algae prior to choosing a treatment method or selecting products.
  • Know the water restrictions before treatment with chemicals.
  • Apply only aquatically labeled products according to recommended rates and timing.
  • Re-application of most chemicals to weeds/algaes will be necessary to keep a healthy environment.
  • Prevent fertilization from entering pond waters and low wind action on ponds from too much surrounding vegetation.
  • Pond health benefits from the use of aerification in the form of Fountains or bubblers. Infusing air keeps water from stratifying providing more oxygenated water to aquatic life.


Surface Acre = Length x width in feet – divided by 43,560 ft

Acre feet = Surface acre (see above) x’s the depth in feet of the water.

Example: 1 Surface acre x’s a pond with an average depth of 4' = 4 acre feet of water

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